Church: Temple Sealer
…previous Church assignment: Ordinance Worker
After I’d served for about a year as an ordinance worker, The First Presidency sent a letter authorizing my reactivation as a sealer. In Bountiful, I joined joyfully a group of sixty, in contrast to fifteen in Boston, and worked Friday and Saturday nights until my thrombosis and unwelcomed release.
2004—Very Bountiful
0466Collisionw Tell me, please: isn’t “bountiful” an adjective?

Not, it seems, in Davis County, Utah. Signs like this one tend to arouse something between a chuckle and gritted teeth, at least for some of us furriners.

Try to fathom a "“Parsimonious Collision Center.”

There’s also a “Bountiful Mortuary,” up on Orchard. Must capture an image of the sign…
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