Appendix-Appendix: Paris
La Tour Eiffel
People with stronger esthetic credentials than mine, particularly some educated French people I’ve known, have regretted, chronically and in unison, that the authorities ever saw fit to commission Alexander Gustave Eiffel in 1887 to erect his eponymous Tower. Were they in charge, say these smart people, it would have been scrapped even before the 1889 Universal Exposition.

Far be it from me to dispute their wisdom, but I’m just enough of a Philistine to concur in my heart with millions who have rejoiced in the Tower’s iconic uniqueness. Breathes there a photographer with lens so foggy...?

Pappy captured many aspects of La Tour Eiffel; most of these images are his. I snapped a few, although they’ve become mingled in the pile. Voici three which found La Tour a particularly felicitous subject for silhouette work:
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