Youth Conference at Liège
The sisters seem to have returned (together, one fancies) for this panoramic shot of the banquet scene, although I didn’t exactly pick their best angles: Sister Lucilla Hinckley’s back, a segment of Sister Emma Marr Petersen’s face, Sister Hasoppe’s back, and a classic profile from Sister Carlson.

Elder Lowell Hawkes on the Champs-Élysées.
September 22—I’m finally breaking the silence—nearly inviolate this whole year—of my journal, to recount the extraordinary events of the past weekend. It seems to me that there are lessons to be [239] learned, and I want to get them down while I remember them.

Saturday morning, September 14, I got up as usual, with no notion of all that was going to happen before I would return to that bed.

I knew that President Hinckley, Sister Hinckley, and Elder Bennion were planning to go to Belgium for most of the week to attend the district conferences that were being held …More, next page…
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