Journal July 26 - August 8, 1962
July 26 (continued)—Yep! They came at 3:30, and so we set out to get our business done. President Hinckley, Elder Skidmore, Brother Thys Winkel, Elder Aldridge, and I went to Fruchets’ where we met by appointment Brothers Fruchet and Guitton. President Hinckley ordained Brother Fruchet an elder, and Brother Winkel ordained Brother Guitton to the same office. I acted as interpreter in the second case, because Brother Winkel speaks no French.

Then we went to the property on the rue de Fougères, where the visitors decided to propose to Salt Lake the purchase of the small building and the lot it sits on. They turned down the large lot, because it was too narrow. Seems we need something more nearly square.

Then we saw Claude-Gérard where he works, and the President spoke [172] with him for a few moments. Everything seems to be going well for Claude.

Then, off to M Chabot’s office; he’s the agent who’s helping with properties. Again I interpreted, as Brother Winkel and M Chabot talked for about an hour, while the President waited downstairs with the other two elders. M Chabot is going to look for another building lot for us, meanwhile doing what it takes to get the meeting-hall transaction handled quickly.

The big cheeses left about 6:30. President Hinckley left with me a big piece of chocolate for Hubert, since he didnt’t get a chance to visit with him.
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