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This house now (May 2007) occupies Oliver’s 1.13 acres. No construction records seem to have survived, but we believe that this is indeed the house that Oliver built for his own family when he arrived about 1827, and which he came to own only late in life.

Wade and Kristie Holmes, who currently own and with their children occupy the home, graciously invited us to visit it on May 11. Their accounts of local tradition are consistent with our speculation about its origin.
Two years earlier (summer, 2005) we took this shot from the front yard of the church across the street.

At the time, we had guessed that the small wing in back might have been the original house, but our hosts in 2007 were sure that this section had been a workshop, added on to the home. They had family stories about the disposition of tools that early owners had left behind. Again, it would appear that Oliver the cabinetmaker may have plied his trade from here.

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