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So here’s the list she gave them. I presume it reflects the best of her knowledge. It also reflects the heartbreaking state of non-communication in the Wheeler family. Had Grandma Hannah been in touch with her scattered family, she would surely have “cited” a score of additional grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come to the probate hearing.
Grandpa Oliver didn’t leave a huge fortune — a sore point, we surmise, at least with Harriet. Without much motivation to divide it, they seem not to have invested in an inventory. Even a properly-comprehensive invitation might not have attracted a crowd. But it’s a shame, methinks, that Hannah didn’t know enough to invite them.

Note, please, that she still thought of Grandma Harriet, her oldest daughter, as Mrs Isaac Decker, even though Harriet and Lorenzo Dow Young had been a prominent couple in Utah Territory for a dozen years. It’s sad that she didn’t mention any of her six Decker grandkids, five of whom she’d known before their 1836 departure from Freedom. She would also have known Benjamin’s first two girls (Sarah Helen Elizabeth and Julia Ann C), who seem to have shared the Elton roof with her and Oliver around 1835.
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