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Vera Knapton Wilson Neff Seely Sheffield

Vera’s first marriage, to Franklin McGregor Wilson (son of Grandma Seely’s sister May Seymour Neff Wilson) in 1917, lasted only a year and a half. Their only child, a daughter, was born in 1919, three months after Franklin’s death. Vera then married, in 1925, our Uncle Seymour Howard Neff, brother both to her mother-in-law and to Grandma Seely. Vera and Seymour had three children, including Marion Neff Anderson, and he died in June, 1941. Her third marriage, to our Grandpa Seely, lasted two years and was without issue. In 1954, she married Charles Nephi Sheffield in the Logan Temple; I do not have a date of death for either of them.
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