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                                          Boston 28th March 1672
Mr Danforth
    Respectfully presented to your court &c having had discourse with Marshall
    Mitchelson Concerning Michajel Bacon of Cambridge, Concerning
    dighi?gents at my ffarme at "../../Index/placesWX.htm#WR"Wading River by himself & the woman
    that Lay in there, which came to five pound he gives me to understand
    that If I make my addinge to yor worsp it would be satisfyed, which
    makes me humbly bold to request yor favour herein, that soleing
    ?????, it may be returned to Mr Wm Hambleton shop keeper to whom
    it stands engaged yr worpps helpfullnes herein will further oblige him
    who is yours in all due respect & service
                                                                              Willm Hudson
1672 March 28. (Doc.)
1672 April 2 (Pulsifer?/ Mary Ball)
Michael Bacon Jr. & a woman:
William Hudson's bill of charges
for taking care of a woman at
childbirth. The reputed father
was Michael Bacon Jr. The
payment was to be turned
over to William Hambleton for a
Vol. III P. 25?
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