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Here’s Danforth’s official Christmas finding: one pound, sixteen shillings, and fourpence, due and payable by Bacon to Munroe.

Must confess that I wonder why each day of searching by one of the Russell brothers was priced at ninepence, each day of a Gleason twice as much, at one shilling sixpence, and each day of a Munroe at two shillings. But as witnesses, the Russells and Gleasons were worth two shillings a day. Maybe the searchers spent only part of each day. This bill of costs gives us only the bottom line for each item.
As far as these documents reveal, the magistrate* added nothing to the judgment to compensate him for his own time, nor for the use of his house. I suppose that his costs were covered otherwise.

*Eventually, Danforth took some decorous credit for lenity in this connection.

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