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Mary-i Frontispiece: William and Mary
Mary-ii Page Index
Mary-iii Contents: How to Find the Pieces
Mary-iv Map: Where did it all happen?
Mary-1 William and Mary: the Short Version
Mary-2 Oliver & Lifelines
Mary-3 Children
Mary-4 Beginnings: the Ball Family
Mary-5 Bond’s Memorial
Mary-6 John Ball Reproved
Mary-7 Family Breakup
Mary-8 With the Pierce Grandparents
Mary-9 BabySarah
Mary-10 Insanity
Mary-11 John Ball Inventory, 1655
Mary-13 The Bacons of Woburn
Mary-14 Consternation
Mary-15 Pregnancy and birth
Mary-16 Hudson’s Bill
Mary-17 “Michael Billerica Bacon”
Mary-18 Mary’s Letter to Bacon
Mary-20 John Ball’s Complaint
Mary-21 Mary’s Letter to the Court
Mary-23 Hue and Cry
Mary-24 Bail
Mary-25 Richard Nevers
Mary-27 Bastardy bond
Mary-28 Warned Out of Town
Mary-29 The Heroic Rescue
Mary-30 The Munroes
Mary-32 Swine-stealing
Mary-33 Summons
Mary-34 Corroboration
Mary-35 Russells
Mary-37 First Hearing
Mary-38 Motivation
Mary-39 Second Hearing
Mary-40 Countersuit
Mary-41 Reaffirmation and (gasp!) Appeal
Mary-42 Bacon’s “Reesons”
Mary-46 Munroe’s Answers to Bacon
Mary-51 “Danforth’s Responses
Mary-53 Verdict on Appeal
Mary-54 Row vs. Bacon, 1676.htm
Mary-55 Epilogue: God rest her…

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