Back on Home Ground
From there we proceeded to Ten Hills in Somerville to the bosom of our beloved Toad and Mary Beth, and we interspersed among episodes of family schmoozing visits to our ancient haunts in Middlesex County.

Yes, we did drive past Timbaloo, what we could see of it through our tears, the next (Wednesday, June 3). We didn’t bother to preserve any pictures of the pair of condos that the new owners had turned it into.

At the bottom of the hill, on the corner of Mass Ave and Brattle Street, we noticed without too much emotion that Brattle Drug was no more. Each of our daughters had worked there while attending Arlington High School, but in the course of the preceding decade it had become transmogrified, first into the neighboring Stop and Shop supermarket’s pharmacy, and later into this nice bike shop. An obvious enough evolution, given the proximity of the Minute Man bike trail.
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