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So here we are, as summer winds down in the Year of our Lord 2009, with a lot of questions answered, and with some feeling that we’re getting to know the family of Oliver and Hannah Wheeler. Questions remain, though. I’ll list a few on which I plan to focus:
  • So what became of my Grandma┬áHannah Ashby Wheeler, after Grandpa Oliver died and she took possession of his legacy? How long did she survive? Did she remarry? Where’s she buried (and if she remarried, under what name)? I’m still seeking evidence that she ever had any contact with her surviving children, who had dispersed to Ohio and Utah, years earlier.

  • Here’s another time-line. With the indispensable and kindly guidance of Jim Griffith, Cattaraugus County Clerk, I’ve traced the ownership of the Wheeler homestead on Marble Springs Road backward from its current owners, Wade and Kristie Holmes, to some transactions in the early 1880s in which Lyman and Lurena Richardson and the heirs of Peter Deyoe sold it to one John Campbell.

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