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Oliver-1 Oliver III and Hannah Ashby Wheeler
Oliver-2 Oliver and Hannah: Page Index
Oliver-3 Oliver Wheeler III: Hillsborough
Oliver-4 Oliver III and Hannah Wheeler in Salem
Oliver-6 The Wheelers in Farmington
Oliver-7 The Wheelers in Farmington—1820
Oliver-9 The Wheelers in Freedom—1830
Oliver-11 Elton Landmarks
Oliver-12 Purchase and Sepulture
Oliver-13 The Wheelers in Elton—1825
Oliver-15 Isaac and Harriet Decker in Elton
Oliver-16 The Deckers in Elton—1827-36
Oliver-17 Isaac and Harriet Decker
Oliver-18 Clara and the Axe
Oliver-19 The 1835 New York State Census
Oliver-20 1835 Census Detail
Oliver-21 Guinea Pigs
Oliver-22 Oliver and Hannah Wheeler - After 1835
Oliver-23 The end of the road
Oliver-24 Hannah Ashby Wheeler
Oliver-25 Descendants
Oliver-26 Clarissa Caroline Wheeler Sawyer
Oliver-27 Jaquish
Oliver-28 Sawyer
Oliver-29 Uncle Caleb Sawyer
Oliver-30 Next Questions
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