Descendants and other kin of Arta McLean Seely and Alfaretta Neff Seely:

...who in our family...
Among our direct ancestors, six couples ruled England, beginning with William the Conqueror and continuing through the Plantagenet line to Edward I “Longshanks.” Given that EVERYBODY is descended from old William, we’re at least distant kin to most of the big shots in England for close to the past thousand years. Here’s the direct royal line segment:

King John is remembered mainly as the bad guy in Robin Hood and as the reluctant signer of the Magna Carta. His older brother, our 26th great-uncle, King Richard I Plantagenet, called the Lion-Heart, ruled England after Henry II and conducted the Third Crusade. Richard’s untimely death left his parents’ empire to the incompetent ministrations of John, our regrettable direct ancestor.

King Edward "Longshanks" was, among other distinctions, the bad guy in the movie Braveheart. From a Scots perspective, he seems to have been a worthy grandson of the aforementioned John….

*Mine (Richard B. “Andy” Anderson’s). You can figure out your own.

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