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To all kindly neighbors who choose anonymously to take my family cards from the Haight Creek Stake drawer at the Bountiful Temple, my warmest thanks. As I say at every opportunity, I thank you; my cousins thank you.

Elizabeth Jane Fisher Seely (1839-1885)  
To help you understand the nature and dimensions of the effort to which you’re contributing, I'm posting a status summary of my Fisher Descendancy project on my family history website, to which you are welcome at Descendancy, and will update it from time to time, so that you can rejoice in my progress, which is also yours.

I do this not to boast, but to testify that I am given to know that the Lord wants this labor to continue and to prosper and to bless your lives, mine, and those of my family, living and dead.

Briefly, as of this morning (Friday 9 February 2018) my -- no, our -- Fisher Descendancy file ties together 29,906 people, 8,570 of which are my cousins, direct descendants of Johann Peter (1698-1775) and Anna Maria Jung (1701-1775) Fis(c)her, the immigrant patronymic ancestors of Elizabeth Jane Fisher, my mother's father's mother. Another 4,885 of the people in the file are the spouses of those blood descendants, whom I have standing to submit for Temple ordinances, generating among others the cards I leave for you in the Stake drawer. Thanks yet again, for your loving, continuing and indispensable collaboration.

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