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Our 28GGF Foulques V (“the Young”) was Count of Anjou from 1109 through 1131, then King of Jerusalem from 1131 to his death (in a fall from a horse) in 1142, aged 50.

The dysfunctional family is not a recent invention. This Foulques was the younger son of 29GGF Foulques IV (“the Grouchy”)1 by his fifth wife, our 29GGM Bertrade de Montfort. In 1092, the very year of Young Foulques’ birth, Bertrade deserted her husband and ran off with Philippe I of France, taking the baby with her.
We are given to believe that Foulques the Grouchy was hugely in love with Bertrade. Her feelings are a bit harder to fathom, particularly in light of the visit she and Philippe reportedly paid to her former husband in Angers in 1106. Go figure.

Young Foulques remained in the French court until 1106, when his older brother Geoffroy Martel died (yes, another “Jeff Hammer” -- they liked the name), leaving the path open for the 14-year-old to inherit. So he returned to his Grouchy Papa, who lived another three years. Like his great-grandfather Foulques Nerra, Foulques the Young became Count of Anjou at 17.
Foulques V was the first count of Anjou to use a seal
The same year, Young Foulques married our 28GGM Ermengarde du Maine, thereby becoming heir to the Maine, centered in Le Mans. Their son our 27GGF Geoffroy IV “The Fair” Plantagenet was born 24 August 1113. She died in 1126, and three years later Foulques turned the Anjou over to Geoffrey, married the daughter of King Baudouin of Jerusalem, and inherited that kingdom when Baudouin died two years later.

1The French nickname is “le Réchin”. Often translated “The Surly.” I think “Grouchy” is likely equally accurate and more fun. So sue me.
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