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…At the foot of the bed, behind the rocking horse, is displayed a replica of the leather trunk that John Hancock neglected to take with him after adjourning his highly seditious meetings in this room on April 18, 1775. Paul Revere and John Lowell had a hair-raising adventure at dawn, even as the Redcoats arrived, as they barely succeeded in keeping the trunk’s incriminating contents from falling into enemy hands…
Buckman chamber

My kindly hostess Val Hoffman describes this bed as the original “Murphy bed,” by the way. You can just see a little hook in the molding at the top of the far wall. Seems that Hancock and Co. would tip the bed on its head and fasten it to that hook, so as to make space in the room for their meeting table.

We have these photos by the courtesy of the Lexington Historical Society, owner of the Tavern and curator of the portraits…
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