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Right Worshipfull

I am bold to intreat on behalf of the bearer hereof (by name) John Ball, that the Honoured Court may please to afford him the oportunity of expressing himself about some passages essayed by him in the last County Court held at Charlestowne in June Last, for which he hath bin questioned in the Church & it is expected somwhat should by him be further expressed tending to satisfaction presuming upon your Clemency I am bold to Subscribe
Yr humble Servant
in what I may
John Sherman

Jno. Ball appearing in Court 29 . 10/57 acknowledged his evill in owneing [that he had beaten his wife] at June Court last & that he had cause to be humbled for his faults -- D B G
The label at lower right bears the interpretation of the people who organized and microfilmed these records. Until somebody corrects me, I’m assuming that “D B G” is Magistrate Daniel Gookin.
1657 - Dec 29   912

John Sherman writes
the Honored Court in
behalf of John Ball
who has been reproved
in the Church

(John Ball
admits beating
Vol 8 P 9         his wife)

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