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This map of Elton Village appeared in an 1874-5 gazetteer of Cattaraugus County, not quite twenty years after Oliver’s death. For our purposes, it shows four particularly significant features:
  1. The house on the Wheelers’ property, labeled as belonging to P. Deyoe (Peter, of whom more later);
  2. The house next door on the north, shown as S. H. No. 14;
  3. The Elton Freewill Baptist Church, across the street to the west, mentioned in the deed; and
  4. The Elton Cemetery, about 100 rods to the south, where Oliver lies buried.
Both houses (1 and 2) still stand, and we suspect that Oliver the Housewright may have built them both, one for his own family and the other for his daughter’s.
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