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  • by 1860 Azro lives in Essex, Clinton, Michigan, with Emily A aged 10; Ida M, aged 7; all shown as natives of New York State. Next door to them, Azro’s parents Hazen Jaquish, aged 63, and Emily, 62, both of Vermont. Also next door: Azro’s brother Chauncy Jaquish, 32; Lucetta, 24; Clinton; and Lowden (a male child), 4. Lowden was born in Michigan; the others, in New York.
Azro’s parents, Hazen and Emily Jaquish. Pioneers1 of Freedom, New York; buried in Michigan.
  • in 1870, still in Essex, with May E A, 20; Ida M, 17; all of New York; and J Alton, 6, who was born in Michigan. By now, mother Emily is gone (died 1866), and 76-year-old father Hazen has moved in with them.

  • finally, in 1910, forty years later, still in Essex, we find Rogers Emily A, 60, widowed, with no children, sharing quarters with her mother Melvina Jaquish, 79, widowed, with 4 children, 2 living.

Those two living children were, of course, Emily (“May E A,” apparently named after her paternal grandmother and later married to Rowland Rogers) and J Alton, buried in Sowle Cemetery as John A.

Ida didn’t quite make it to her twentieth birthday. We have no documents and no name for Azro’s and Malvina’s fourth child.
1Nathan Cole and his brothers Asahel and Daniel, Reuben Brown and Hazen and Daniel Jaquish were the first settlers in Elton.” 150 Years of Freedom 1811-1963, p. 4. Note also that Hazen and Emily were Oliver Wheeler’s next-door neighbors in Freedom in 1835. The two families went ’way back.

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